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TOTALITAR "Wallbreaker 1986-1989" CD

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Wallbreaker compiles the earliest output of Swedish HC veterans Totalit‰r. It includes tracks from the "Snabb Livsgladje Demo -86" 7", the "Multinationella Mordare EP" 7", the "Luftslott" 7" and the "Vand Dig Inte Om" 7", further topped off by some raw live tracks from their 1989 UK tour with Doom. Thirty tracks in all, and the booklet contains lyrics and liner notes courtesy of the band. Totalit‰rís greatness comes from their ability to take the Scandinavian D-Beat school of hardcore and blend it with the more melodic side of punk - without losing any of the drive and intensity. It creates some truly unique, memorable and catchy as hell songwriting. A classic, influential and essential documentation of their early sound.