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Ruin It! "Locked Up Dead" LP Color Vinyl w/download


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Ltd to 350 copies on color vinyl with digital download.

Armageddon Label is proud to present the debut LP by RI hardcore band Ruin It! "Locked Up Dead". Recorded last winter at NEF Studio by Anthony Z, then mixed by Christopher Corry for maximum impact (Magic Circle, Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, Aggression Pact) and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering (Fu Manchu, Boston Strangler, Elder, Angel Dust). "Locked up Dead" is a 15 track album of no bullshit hardcore, think Out Cold and 9 Shocks Terror mixed with a little NYHC. Fast, tight and to the point, with the occasional breakdown. Just well written, raw and solid as fuck hardcore with pissed vocals by ex Soul Control and Verse vocalist Matt Amore. Check it out!

Ruin It! are a bunch of middle-aged dudes who grew up together and are having a midlife crisis. It made logical sense to start a band like we were 16 years old again. It seems to be working so far. We are all born and raised in Rhode Island and call it home for Ruin It! Lyrical inspiration comes from life experience as a mental health therapist. Working a majority of the time in impoverished cities where mental illness, abuse, neglect, and drug addiction run rampant. Conveying a sense of hope and a positive mental outlook for those suffering to recover from their despair, and acknowledging that it’s an uphill struggle. These lyrics reach towards a path of recovery.

1. Shamanic
2. Locked Up Dead
3. Dark Night Of The Soul
4. Patterns
5. Tune Inn
6. Fuck Your Hate
7. Let Me Know
8. The Bar
9. I'm Back
10. Polarities
11. Iron Son
12. Neglect
13. Strata
14. Now
15. Black Holes

Pressing info:
Purple/Burgundy ltd to 159
Orange ltd to 103
Pink ltd to 92